10 Ways Fighting Finger Pain Battle

10 Ways Fighting Finger Pain Battle

Fingers hurt while playing guitar? Try the following 10 tips!

1. Take a rest

When your finger pain is unbearable, just stop and take a rest. This is especially true when there is a blister on your finger. Wait until tomorrow or even when the blister goes away. Remember not to make practicing the guitar too hard for you or you may lose the interest in doing so. Protect your fingers is the key.

2. Proceed in an orderly way

Haste makes waste. Playing on a guitar is a long way to go. Practicing guitar too much at a time can be a bad idea. Instead, take a rest from time to time. Play hard and work hard. Make it step by step.

3. Adjust the action

If you haven’t bought a guitar yet, do not choose the ones with high action, which will cause you much effort and pain when you play the guitar. Don’t worry if you have already bought one. Use a capo to clamp down across the guitar’s fingerboard, so that the action is lowered down. In this way, however, you will need to play in a higher key.

4. Grab a classical guitar

Start with a classical guitar (when you practice) can be a good idea because it uses nylon strings which are known for their softness and lower tension. Soon after you have toughened up your fingertips, you may switch (back) to guitars that use metal strings.

5. Tune your guitar a full step down

Full Step Down is a tuning where all six strings are tuned down 1 full tone, i.e. an octave lower. In this way, the strings will no longer be that tight when bending notes. This will make pressing on the strings less painful. After your finger pain is relieved, get back to the standard tuning.

6. Clean guitar strings

Make sure that your guitar strings are dry and clean. If the strings are wet or if there are stains on the strings, there will be increased friction between your fingers and the strings, which will definitely intensify your finger pain. For sure, some guitarists sweat a lot while they are playing on the guitar. If this is the case, always bring along with you tissue paper and be prepared to wipe away your sweat at any time. Wait until your hands completely dry up before you start another round of practicing the guitar.

Every time after you play the guitar, take some time to clean the guitar strings so as to avoid stained strings. This helps to prevent strings from rusting as well.

7. Take a hot spring bath

Every time after practicing the guitar, soak your hands in hot water. You could gain good recovery of hand function through this.

8. Manage your time

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Practice guitar effectively with a practice schedule. Make sure you have spare some time having a break in between each practice session. During the break, do some finger stretching exercises as well as massages over your fingertips and knuckles. These are helpful in relieving the finger pain too.

9. Holding your guitar right

A poor posture can intensify your finger pain. Especially when you are pressing on the string, do it with your wrists relaxed.

10. Avoid bad habits

The first unhealthy habit would be applying super glue (e.g. 502 Super Glue) to your fingers because they could damage your skin on the fingertips.

Second, do not apply any bandages in hope of soothe sore fingers. In the long term, it can cause skin disorder also. It will prevent you from bending the strings with accuracy in the meantime. So, please, please don’t do that to hurt your fingers.

11. We’d love to hear from you

If you have any other tips for relieving finger pain, don’t keep it to yourself! Leave your comment below and share with us!