If You Want to Go Far, Play Together

If You Want to Go Far, Play Together

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Have you ever wondered whether playing the guitar is a sign of loneliness? Though this is definitely not the truth, you can still persuade your friends to play the guitar together with the following reasons.

Good for Your Physical Health

As your heart rate and blood pressure controller

It’s a fact that playing music lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Focus and become entirely absorbed in your music and you’ll find your heart rate and blood pressure dropping to a healthier and more relaxed level.

As your (chronic) pain relievers

According to a study from the University of Utah’s Pain Research Center, listening to music can take your mind off, and hence, reduce pain. If you live with chronic pain, reach for a pick and listen to your own sweet licks. For more effective results, try some muscle relaxation before or after you play your guitar. Just forget popping pills!

As your brainpower builder

Music keeps your mind sharp, enhances your coordination, and can increase the capacity of your memory. At the same time, learning something new is one of the most beautiful things about playing a musical instrument (guitar). From new songs to new chords to new strumming patterns, there’s always room to learn more! You can always find something to push yourself to learn. Can’t wait to sharpen your mind, right?

Good for Your Mental Health

As your source of happiness

Hearing music (that you make) triggers the release of dopamine, one of the feel-good chemicals. Science tells us that dopamine is awesome and pretty much all of us could use more of it! Please help yourself to some dopamine, more and often.

As your stress reliever

According to the Mayo Clinic, music is one of the top 10 stress relievers, along with sleep and laughter. We can get into the really scientific reasons this all works, but the gist is this: Music provides a mental distraction, reduces muscle tension and decreases stress hormones… all of these add up to you feeling more relaxed when you pick up your guitar and get to playing.

If you sing while you play the guitar, it will become an even greater emotional outlet. Singing (along to songs) is actually creating the music that expresses how you feel and playing it for yourself is an incredible emotional release.

As your confidence booster

It’s relatively easy to learn a simple song to play on a guitar (given that most popular songs are only three chords), so you feel a sense of accomplishment quickly. In fact, learning and playing a pop song you love can be done in a day. Can you think of anything else that you can learn and be minutely proficient at in that same period of time? Before you can name it, just stick with guitar as the ultimate confidence booster.

Good for Your Social Health

As your eye-catcher

Do you know? Just carrying a guitar case can seriously make someone wanting you—even if they’re total strangers, finds a research in Psychology of Music. What makes this happen? Studies show women associate musical ability with intelligence, commitment, hard work, and physical prowess.

Israeli researchers recently sent friendship requests from a good-looking guy to 100 single women. In half the requests, the guy was holding a guitar. In the other half, he wasn’t. Only 5 of 50 women accepted a friendship request from the guitar-less guy, while the man with the axe scored 14 new “friends,” according to the study. Why hesitate to make yourself more attractive?

As your grown-up symbol

“Annoy” your parents. Express your individuality through “rebellious” behavior. Though you two were raised on different music types and styles and will probably have different preferences over music, show them you know what you want you are determined to pursue your dreams. Be proud of yourself!

Are you ready to help your friend to start the journey of health? Be nice to your friends—make them physically, mentally and socially healthy!