Make Progress on Guitar as You Wish

Make Progress on Guitar as You Wish

Why don’t I make any progress on guitar even though I have been practicing it every day? Many have been asking such a question, especially for those who have been playing guitar for several years. To analyze this phenomenon, we will need to trace back to the early stage of playing the guitar.

Lower Stage: Like What You Know

Most beginners start with developing fundamental skills, for example, enhancing the feeling of the strings against the fingerboard, working out on semitone exercises, playing some basic chords and then some rather difficult ones such as Barre Chords. You may go on with learning basic music theory, how to play Diatonic Chords as well as how to use a capo. Soon, you will be able to accompany your singing with the guitar—cool, isn’t it? Don’t you feel satisfied with the delights that playing the guitar has brought to you?

There is a common feature among acquiring different fundamental skills. First, you allow your fingers and your body to get used to playing the guitar, which means you learn those skills physically instead of mentally. Second, instant results can be made if you are willing to spend time practicing the guitar.

Congrats to you all if you have already master the above basic skills in around half a year to a whole year. Sadly, other skills won’t be built through playing the guitar alone. Now, the problem is what the next step is. How can we proceed to the next stage?

Upper Stage: Know What You Like

There are many workout topics available, including melodic, harmonic and some other sequences, together with Blue Scale and Pentatonic Scale as well.

But where to start?

Imagine you are will be performing on stage tomorrow. You are going to catch all the audience’s eye and ear. What do you intend to perform? Is it Rock? Or Is it Fingerstyle or Funk? Blues or Jazz? Or the song you as the songwriter has composed?

If it is Rock that you chose, then you will need to be familiar with the major as well as minor Pentatonic Scale, Blues Scale and the general skills on Classic Rock. You can practice by producing cover versions on existing ones and jamming out songs with others.

The same principle applies to all. Learn to play the guitar mentally with your brain. Figure out what you like most. Set up definite goals according to your preference so you can work on the necessary skills until you manage to do so.

Play the guitar as you like. Make progress on it as you wish.