Top 10 Must Learn Guitar Scales (Part 1)

Top 10 Must Learn Guitar Scales

Scales are boring, aren’t they? No, no, no… Don’t say that. I’m not saying learning and practicing scale are something unbelievably interesting but it is worth doing. In fact, it helps you to understand music, improves your hearing, allows you to create music in the long run and hence expands your all-round musical ability. Therefore, scales should be an integral part of your practice diet.

The question now shifts from “What are the potentials scales have to improve my music practice” to “What scales should I learn first?” It depends on the particular types of music that you play. In the following, we will be using the key of A to look at what scales are most common for each genre. In this part, we will cover pop, rock, country and blues music.

For each scale, practice both ascending and descending orders in different keys. You are suggested to spend one to two days on practicing each scale.

Let’s begin!

Pop, Rock or Country Music

1 – A Major scale

A Major scale

2 – A Minor pentatonic scale (Also applicable to blues music)

A Minor pentatonic scale

3 – A Major pentatonic scale

A Major pentatonic scale

4 – A Blues scale (Also applicable to blues music)

A Blues scale

5 – A Natural minor scale (Aeolian mode)

A Natural minor scale

Use your imagination and don’t mindlessly play the scales in the same order. Try scales variations and dare to explore.

In Top 10 Must Learn Guitar Scales (Part 2), we will be focusing on the scales used in jazz, metal and neoclassical rock music.

Have fun & see you in the next entry!